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Mariam. T Professor: Thomas.O Subject: Communication 103 Topic: Informative Speech on Alzheimer Disease Hello my name is Mariam. T. I will be giving my speech on Alzheimer’s disease. I was thinking of what I could do for a speech, I then I thought I wanted to inform you people on something that I have been dealing with for the past four years in my life; so I figure out that very little is known about these disease, it become a dilemma when one is struck with it . You might think you know something about it, but I will say you do not know, until experience a family member who was sharing ideas with you no longer make sense on anything he wish you to know. However, Alzheimer’s disease has affected my life so much even before the past four years mentioned above. But I did not know anything about it; it was difficult for me to accept the fact until I came in contact with those who suffer from it to have a better understanding and how to deal with it. So now I am going to tell you people how it has affected my life in one or more ways As a matter of fact, before I start, I will like you all to imagine something. Everybody should look around, here in this hall, everyone recognize the faces they saw right? All this faces you have just seen practically you sees them every day, take all that you know about them and forget it. Can you do that? I cannot do that. So tried to imagine that it could happen years down the road and the disease get worst in such a way you cannot remember things, such as your love ones, family, friends, your kids, your husband, wife, mother and father. This experience I got from my beloved mother who I love so dearly, if somebody will tell me one day, my mother and I will separate from each other, I will refused. But this deadly disease that does not have any cure as yet has taking my mother away from me. My mum hardly recognized her

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