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Amer Elarab Sep 16, 2012 Philosophy 201 Dr. H. Rashid First Paper Assignment Question 1 Humans, as soon as they start to lose hope questions start to appear on their mind, like “is this all there is?”- About reality. In order for us to unlock the answer to this, we must unravel what philosophy is. Philosophy is defined as, the effort to make sense to us and others about life and the universe .But how do we distinguish philosophy from common sense, science and religion? When dealing with common sense you must always justify, for example sometimes something mite seen common sense to me but to others it may seem total opposed. The easy example of common sense that was given to us during class was, “do think killing one another is wrong”? Everyone in the class said yes and that is common sense. In contrast philosophy is an undefined sense of understand, it is the unanswered question like why and how did we get on this planet? Common sense is also universes to all the people meanwhile philosophy is very broad and most times tell you to ignore all prior common sense because common sense changes over the years. Now when dealing with science, which is the study of the universe and it is only true thru experimentation, observation, verification and fasciation. In philosophy, you could say a theory for example like the one that doctor Rashid gave in class about the sun which was impossible to experience or verfitie but it would still true in philosophy meanwhile in science this can’t be true because we are unable to experiment with, nor observed. In science we experience question about the biological universe meanwhile in philosophy we deal with question about human’s and are existence (why we’re here) or high order of understanding. When comparing religion and philosophy, you will notice that there total two different subjects. Religion is all about faith

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