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Michael Buenaventura Philosophy 110 Essay #3 April 24th, 2012 Personal identity is the task of defining a property of a human, which makes him or her a distinct self. This person whose identity is in question must recognize him or her self in terms of both internal (mind) and external (body) perspectives when confronted with the question, what makes Michael unique from Mark? This identity problem has several general philosophical theories. In the subsequent paragraphs one will find a simple interpretation the body theory, soul theory and a thoroughly detailed explanation of the memory theory, and its sub-categories, which is personally believed to be the closest to the truth. The theory of personal identity that I believe is best is the personal identity known as the soul theory. This theory explains that a person has a personal identity if and only if they are identical to their soul. In other words, person A is the same person as person B if and only if person B has the same soul as person A. In personal identity and immorality, a person attempts to prove survival after death is possible because, according to the soul theory they are identical to their soul, not their body. This is where the theory encountered its problem; the soul is a difficult term to define. The soul is defined as something immaterial - something in principle that cannot be seen or felt or touched or smelt. It is inaccessible from the outside. Within Soul Theory of personal identity, there are two questions that it attempts to answer. The first question is the following: What are the necessary and sufficient conditions that must hold between 2 person stages in order for them to parts of the same person? In the Soul Theory, there are 2 person stages that are parts of the same person if and only if those person stages have the same soul. This condition is

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