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Kyle Pomeroy Philosophy What’s a Liberal Art? Colleges and Universities require that students study subjects like philosophy, literature and history as a part of a liberal arts education. Liberal art education has a lot of goals, for example, to prepare students to deal with diversity and complexity, and to improve their communication skills. This kind of education may prepare you for a conversation at a dinner but it can also be suitable at a job. The concept of education stands for a lifelong development process in human beings, in which they broaden their mental, cultural and practical abilities as well as their personal and social skills. The ability to learn is the basis for upbringing and education. Children learn rules and standards through authority figures such as their parents or teachers, which mean through external control impulses, whereas education relates more to individual processes. The purpose of education should be to give every student the same opportunity and chance to be educated, because education lays the foundation for the fulfillment of a person’s dreams. If you can fulfill your dreams through education, you give this positive experience of education to your children and they will also be encouraged to pass it down to their kids. Your whole family will be well-educated, and if this would apply for all families in a country it might have a positive effect on the country’s economic growth. Furthermore, education enables the development of a responsible society. Values like punctuality, cooperation, working together, helping each other, responsibility and following rules are taught at school, and they build responsible citizens out of raw human beings. An important part to building a responsible society is teaching students about the history of their country but also about the history of the whole world, so that they are able to

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