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1. The misconception are beliefs that philosophy is an esoteric discipline only accessible to the initiated an assemblage of practical guides of life and living, a play with language which is the pastime of the idle or misguide, a house of skepticism whose man occupants are the anti-religious and so on. 2. The two reasons why it’s hard to define philosophy is that: i. Philosophy doesn’t have any specific subject matter and hence cannot be defined with regard to any particular area of investigation. It may deal with every dimension of human life and can raise question in any field of study or endeavors. ii. Philosophy pursues question rather than answers. A true philosopher is not bound by any particular ”truths” that set limits to his/her urge to continue asking questions. Thus philosophy cannot be defined with recourse to some accepted belief and established class of propositions. 3. It should be oretical activities of those that have been regarded in the histories of philosophy as philosophers. 4. The formulation or construction of world views are i. The rational but non-scientific quest for understanding ii. Critical thinking 5. The activity of reflective and critical thinking. 6. This involves the construction and assessment of arguments. 7. Acquire self-knowledge, knowledge of the human person in relation to the environment in which his/her activities take place. 8. She defined it as critics of the ideas we live by. 9. The expertise of the philosopher lies in the conscious and sustained application of critical and reflective thinking to various aspects of human life experience. 10. It is critical and reconstructive. 11. These are general question which are beyond the scope of specific areas of knowledge. i.e. physics, chemistry, biology etc. 12. Doubts and ends in generation

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