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I think philosophy can be used in everything now. I'm going to use philosophy on this paper to prove that philosophy doesn't have to be studied because it's all around us. Philosophy is something that I have been using all my life and studying really without using the word much. Philosophy is something I like to use every day now. It's all about frame of mind with me and all thoughts about life. I do a lot of reflecting and looking back at my life and always wondered recently what turn my life would of taken without philosophy. I knew a lot about our history and now I like to use philosophy with history and technology. For some reason they say philosophy is just a religion and really just conflicts with science. I don't think philosophy can be overused but I think it does start to trick the mind after a while. Reading about all these great philosophers they all had their place in history. They all had their strengths and weaknesses but they all knew they were right about something. These philosophers knew that sometimes you have to sacrifice a bad choice of thinking to free the mind and give people an honest view of their thinking. They didn't care what people thought about their beliefs, as long as people understood them. I think philosophy is male dominated because women seem to compromise with their thoughts and not stick to one way of thinking. They like to add their philosophy with something then maybe touch it up too much so it doesn't stand the test of time like it should, maybe too specialized. Right now I'm starting to notice philosophy is a choice people make in their thinking. If they add philosophy to their thoughts they are really making a decision every day. Philosophy seems to take a little longer to develop in the mind, but once it's there it's all ok. I've been thinking about the world as we know it right now, it seems to me that it's just all still

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