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Chapter 66 “What enables the river and seas to be king over all the valleys Is that they are good at staying lower than them.” • In my own word The rivers and the seas have their noble status because they hold the low ground, by carrying the confluence of the waters over the world. • Why is it important This chapter parallel seas and rivers with the sages. The big seas yield to be located below the land to support waters from everywhere as same as the sages, full of wisdom, but do not use it to offend all. We, as humans, cannot deny that we naturally want to be great, dignified and respected. Therefore, In order to achieve these, people must be humble and modestly bearable with anything that they encounter in life rather than pushing themselves too hard just to overcome others. • How does it relate to the article? This relates to the objective of the article that wants people to concern more on their competitive and arrogant habit. The following part of the article that explains how sages’ position is in front of people but still act modestly with them. So, they do not find that the sages being oppressive. Moreover, they are pleased to promote them. Which means, if you behave the way sages behave, people would support you and no one could ever compete against you since you live your lives without contentiousness. It also relates to our group article, in terms of material and struggling world where people are only familiar with appearance and only try to catch fame, wealth and all temping things without looking at the easiest way to

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