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Theme: The strcuture of reality,Ultimacy,the purplise of philosphy ,science,knowledge in confucianism.(Theory of the Univers/Confucianism) The purpose of confusician philosphy was to emphasize personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, and justice and sincerity.Confucius defines the structure of reality as the Decree of Heaven and Destiny.The meaning of the Decree of Heaven means a moral imperative for government,based on the belief that heaven cares profoundly about the welfare of the common people.Destiny means the definations of life that are beyond human control,such as wealth,longevity and social success.They are related in the way that if one understands that the material comforts of life are due to destiny,one will recgnize the futility of pursuing Morality.The impact of these concepts on law,freedom of will and determinism is that it suggest that we all should pursue morality,but we have no freedom to choose our destiny.There is not an implied concept of God,confucius believed that instead there were forces in the universe that determined our lives.The ''Way of the sages'' means a set of moral values, a belief in a Higher Power, and most importantly a methodology for realization of the Highest and the state of absolute Peace within one’s own self. Within that methodology is an interior road map of the various stages, spiritual landmarks, and relevant advice from a qualified adept for achieving the goal. The function of knowlege in observing ''the way'' is to know of former sages,know the words of the sages and the decree of heaven . Theme: The problem of free will and determinism ,the purpose of the person and society.(theory of person) The goal of confucianism is to educate people to be self-motivated, self-controlled and able to assume responsibilities; it has the dual aims of cultivating the individual self and

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