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TU 113 Philosophy and Religion Revision Unite I: Intro Religion in the real world VS. Academic study of religion - Cultural religion is different from the core believe - People always think of religion as the identity of their culture but the actual beliefs of each religion are universal; can be apply to everyone. ex. Thai people thought that Buddhism is part of being Thai. - Core beliefs are not commonly known even by the regular practitioners - Lots of issues are not settle - Separate arguments from personal opinions - donʼt be rude or insulting about othersʼ belief ! Definition of Philosophy - Love of wisdom, wisdom = knowledge that matters in life - Articulating the world view of what people believe in general about life. - Everyone is a philosopher. But not everyone that can articulate the idea. (articulate = to put in to words) Categories of philosophy ( 3 majors) I. Metaphysics ➩ the nature of existence - Asking “BIG QUESTION” : “Where did the universe come from?”, “Does God exist?” - Philosophy of mind - Does mind really exist separate from the body? ➩ Physicalism or scientist said no. The mind is what the brain does. If your brain die you are gone and die. - Intelligence ➩ the conciseness or the self-awareness of animals. We use the “mirror test” with animals. But we use the “Turing test” to test the intelligence of the machine. The test is very simple. If the Chatbot can fool people and carry on a long conversation, then it is intelligent. II. Ethics ➩ the nature of morality - What is right? What is wrong? How do we know? - Morality is not the same for each culture and religion. III. Epistemology ➩ source of knowledge - How do we know what we know? - Epistemology has many possible answers (mainly 4) Revelation The Truth comes from God, and Holy book (the Word of God) Intuitionism Our instinct tell us what is right or wrong. “ We just know”

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