Philo 104 Ethics Case Study

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Olivia Pope Philo 104 Ethics When diving into the study of ethics, we are essentially asking: How should we live? Although this answer can breed a variety of responses, many dwindle down to a common core: Justice. Justice simply gives an explanation for who deserves what. We ask this question due to the finitude of the world. There are three approaches one can come from, in order to assess the justice of a situation. This essay will explain the 3 approaches to Justice; welfare, virtue and freedom, and explain how the three different conceptions can conflict with each other. The first conception of Justice one can adhere to is welfare. Welfare is bringing the greatest good to the greatest amount of people. Utilitarians fixate on this exact notion. The idea is that nothing is intrinsically right or wrong, consequences are all that matter. Utilitarians focus primarily on welfare in order to make the best decision, or rather the more just decision. It is based on maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain, in the long run. Utilitarianism emphasizes the idea of welfare as a means for justice because it primarily defers to the masses. For example, torturing a potential terrorist in order to obtain information that could potentially save millions of lives. This seems like an obvious solution to such an extreme situation. Whether or not this man is a…show more content…
Ones holding the conception of freedom as a means for justice would believe this. Libertarianism is the idea that government regulation should be limited or even seize to exist, in the name of innate human freedom. Justifying a situation would ultimately require simply making sure ones liberties are intact and a third party wasn't harmed. This would call for a minimal state where people work for the good of themselves and only
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