Phillis Wheatley and de Crevecoeur

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Analyzing the Writings of Phillis Wheatley and De Crevecoeur In “On Being Brought From Africa to America,” by Phillis Wheatley and in “Letters III” (What is an American) by De Crevecoeur the ideas regarding ,the dream of a better life, freedom, and faith in human goodness are similar. Within their writings they resonate the notions of trying to obtain a vision, “On Being Brought From Africa to America”, she reveals her freedom as a slave while “Letters III”, speaks of the freedom of new Americans. Phillis Wheatley's poem itself declares her dream of a better life, as well as in the descriptions De Crevecoeur makes with his letter. Within both we can see their strength of faith that they have for God and a new beginning. We all dream of a better life, which keeps us moving as human beings. De Crevecoeur states his enthusiasm in his letter, “he must greatly rejoice that he lived at a time to see this fair country discovered and settled; he must necessarily feel a share of national pride”, (pg 257). In the reading of Phillis Wheatley, the author tells us of her determination to learn. Improving not only her mind but also her soul. She is a prime example of an American. Although she came to this land on a slave ship and was bought into servitude, she overcame this by showing her owner's that there was more to her Ngiraidong 2 than meets the eye. It may be irony or luck but her name came from the actual ship that transported her to America “ The Phillis.” With the help of her new family she was able to achieve not only a dream for a better life, but her freedom as well. Freedom is a word taken for granted in this day and age. We hear children use this term when they don't get their way. Instead of remembering and celebrating the cost of sweat and lives of the many women and men it took to get our “freedom,” they whine. In both of the writings of

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