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PLANNING SHEET – PHILLIPS PLANT MANAGER Planning: 1. Defining the Issues The overall goal is to resolve quality problems at the Crawley Plant Manager to absorb the cost of the rework on the 12 different modules of parts and assume the responsibility of the errors and cost with the in order to and maximized profits to Phillips at minimal cost before the higher management gets wind of the problems and all hel breaks loose. The key issue that must be resolved jointly is When identifying my interests from the Phillips side, there are three issues that need addressed in the negotiations with the Crawley Plan Manager. 1. Expense of rework, repairs and overtime and additional inspections increased cost of operations 2. Complaints from customers 3. Failing to meet the Production schedule 4. Unfavorable attention from higher management 2. Assembling the Issues and Defining the Bargaining Mix The Bargaining mix in these negotiating issues and ranking them in importance are : a. Would like additional expenss from these problems to be transferred to Crawley b. Crawley has refused to accept any costs c. Crawley said they are working on the problem and quality has improved d. Crawley believed that these are regular expenses e. Crawley doubt that quality of faulty modules will reach desired level f. Phillips has repaired poor quality items to award in interrupting production g. Want costs on items to be aborbed by Crawley so they fix the problem h. Believe Crawley is making inaccurate and unfair interruption of 95% level of quality i. Troubled by delays in production often require overtime when large number of rejects occur on 12 types of modules often found poor quality 3. BATNA: a. Want Crawley to absorb expenses on cost of repairing faulty items of 12 types of modules were below 95% level 4. Defining Interests

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