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Valisa ronquillo English3-4 Mrs. Vandenburg 29 march 2012 Philippines There are many different cultures around the world. Is there a specific one you would like to learn more about? Well I do, the Philippines intrest me because of many reasons. My great grandparents came from the Philippines many years ago, and havent been back in many years. I always ask about how the lif styles are over there, are they different from us? So I decided to do some research of my own and I learned quite a few things, such as: food, culture, history, and how my family is from there. Did you know that an explorer named miguel lopez de legazi started an expedition on the islands now know as the philippines in the late 1600s? During that time period it was known as the spanish colonization era (philippines wikipedia). In fact because of the settle ment of the spaniards the words when they speak are almost the same, such as: uno=1, dos-2, thres=3, etc. and hola=hello, peso =money, and audios=bye. At one point during that time the filipino people tried to fight for independence but were uncessful until receiving help from the united states. This was known as the spanish american war, and of course america won, and control of the philippines went to the united states. Shortly after the philippines planned to gain independence from the united states, but emilio aguinaldo was captured and filipino leaders accepted that the americans won, but hostilities continued and left more then 1 million civilians dead. Then as the filipino again planned to gain full independence from the philippines was interrupted by the japanes occupation during world war II. then the treaty of manila establihed the philippine republic as an independent nation. The

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