Philippine Legislative Essay

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LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT Article IV, Section 1, provides: “The legislative power shall be vested in the congress of the Philippines which shall consist of the Senate and the House of Representatives except to the people by the provision of initiative and referendum” The 1987 Philippine Constitution provides that the legislative power, through the congress, has the power to PROPOSE, ENACT, AMEND and REPEAL laws. Power and Price Hike The Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2011(RA 9136), and litany of consumer laws are laws enacted by the Legislative department to cater the evil sought to be eliminated- power and price Hike. For the law to be in effect, the executive branches of the Department of Energy (DoE) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will execute the laws through the Implementing Rules and Regulation that themselves crafted. Once in a while the legislative department will check on to the implementations of those laws through an oversight committee to see whether or not the laws are being implemented on its intended purposes. Now, power and price hike are popular social issues. The following are usual occurrence, the oversight committees, the government agencies and stakeholders through proper forum will suggest/petition to the legislative department/congress for any amendment (if part of the law will be subjected to change) or repeal (if the law is already obsolete and cannot be cured by mere amendments) of the laws. Then, the House of Representatives will now propose a House Bill to amend or repeal a law. National
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