Philadelphia Roll Essay

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Stefanie Sels September 4, 2012 Professor Boback Evolution of a Cheeseburger Philadelphia Roll; Whirlwind of Freshness Back in Dover, Delaware there is a small restaurant called Rice hidden in a small complex among other stores and restaurants. Through the first door I immediately see the fish swimming innocently around in their tank. Through the second door the aroma of fried rice and chicken rushes through me. This smell alone sends my taste buds watering. The waiter passes out the menus, even though he knows my usual order. I browse to see if anything else sounds appetizing, but the Philadelphia Roll always wins. I split apart my wooden chop sticks, pour the salty dark brown soy sauce into a little square bowl, as I wait in anticipation. I then anxiously watch the waiter serve everyone’s rolls when, finally, he heads my way. Little pieces of watery green cucumber, slightly sweet cream cheese, and light pink smokey salmon are all wrapped up in white rice and nori, seaweed used for sushi. This blend constitutes to the flavor, texture, appearance, and smell of the mouth watering Philadelphia roll. They are perfectly swaddled up into six golf ball sized rolls sitting in front of me. Beside my favorite food sits little round balls of green piquant wasabi and off-white ginger. I do not want to ruin my experience by getting a slap in the face from the wasabi. The ginger evokes bitterness in my mouth therefore; I prefer to leave them untouched. Like a newborn first learning motor skills, I awkwardly struggle to pick up my first piece of sushi with my chopsticks. I dip it lightly in the soy sauce to add a kick of saltiness to each light individual roll. I cannot resist eating it all in one bite. The sticky, starchy white rice is the first flavor that hits my pallet. It comes off as dull compared to what I know is yet to come. Next, the thick cream cheese

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