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Philadelphia Artists ARTS/125 Pop Culture and The Arts University of Phoenix Philadelphia Artists Introduction Philadelphia is not only known for its meaning, ‘City of Brotherly Love,’ but also for the richness of history. If one takes the time to look around the city, they would find building structures from the 18th century to current standings, numerous sculptures, and artistic mural. The museums and historical sites around town are plentiful with beauty because of artist far and near; some of the artists include: Frank Furness, Cesia Pelli, Morton Schamberg, Alexander Calder, and Samuel Formica. Team A will explain the life of a famous artist whose art may view as interesting, Dox Thrash (Thrash). The two members collectively researched information on Thrash’s biography, preferred media, artistic style, most notable works, and influence on the artist. Biography Thrash often used the memories of his childhood home as an inspiration for his muse. Growing up in Griffin, Georgia, he would canvas scenery of country cabins similar to the one in which he lived. He would also create prints of farms and churches that surrounded his childhood home. The theme of Thrash’s art work immortalized a destitute community enriched by religion, family, and friends (Toller, 2009). A fourth grade dropout, Thrash began studying art at the age of 14. Becoming an artist was his lifelong dream. He left his Georgia home searching for an opportunity to become an artist. Thrash resided in Chicago where he attended the Art Institute of Chicago. Once he completed his courses, Thrash began traveling to gain further inspiration by drawing and painting the people he encountered; particularly, African American people. His journey ended in Boston for a year and

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