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Philadelphia Artists ARTS/125 Pop Culture and The Arts University of Phoenix Philadelphia Artists Introduction Philadelphia is not only known for its meaning, ‘City of Brotherly Love,’ but also for the richness of history. If one takes the time to look around the city, they would find building structures from the 18th century to current standings, numerous sculptures, and artistic mural. The museums and historical sites around town are plentiful with beauty because of artist far and near; some of the artists include: Frank Furness, Cesia Pelli, Morton Schamberg, Alexander Calder, and Samuel Formica. Team A will explain the life of a famous artist whose art may…show more content…
His art depicts various struggles most met through a prejudiced society. Thrash’s contribution to the art world gave a voice to these struggles and made an impact on future artists. His impact informed the world by focusing on people, places, and events that shaped the lives of African Americans; a focus that assisted with the implementation of change. Dox Thrash’s life and achievements is a reflection of the efforts he endured to educate a society and to make aware the need for social justice. References Artnet: The Art World online. (2012). Dolan/Maxwell - Dox Thrash. Retrieved from Bearden, Romare, and Harry Henderson. (1993). A History of African-American Artists from 1792 to the Present. New York: Pantheon. 115-146, 243-246. Highpoint Center. (2012). Highpoint Center for Printmaking. Retrieved from RoGallery. (2008). Dox Thrash (1892-1965). Retrieved from Toller, Pamela, (2009). “The Life and Work of Dox Thrash: An Expression of Identity.” /curriculum/search

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