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Critical Analysis “Philadelphia” While watching the 1993 film “Philadelphia” it was apparent that the main conflict on all levels (intrapersonal interpersonal and structural) was homosexuality and AIDS. Beginning with Andrew (Andy) Beckett who is a senior associate at Philadelphia’s largest law firm however he is concealing the fact the he is gay or has the HIV virus because the firms head senior partner has a prejudice towards both the disorder and lifestyle. By concealing his disease and sexuality Beckett is assigned the firm’s most important case. However Andy had experienced some interpersonal conflict because while being assigned that case one of the senior partner’s had noticed a lesion on Beckett’s forehead and had asked what it was; In which Andy lied and said he was hit by a racket ball, when could have told the truth and told the senior partners about his disease (after all according to Americans with Disabilities Act, it’s illegal for employer to fire an employee because of a terminal illness such as cancer or AIDS) but not necessarily his sexuality. After finishing the complaint and giving his secretary specific instructions on what to with it Andy takes a few days off to try and cover his lesions. While taking days off Andy goes to the ER for stomach pains, here Andy experiences some intrapersonal conflict with his partner Miguel and the Doctor seeing him because Miguel wants to be informed on what is going on and the doctor doesn’t necessarily (according to HIPAA) have to share because he’s not immediate family and Miguel completely disagrees. Now there’s Andy left trying to be “Mediator”. All while receiving a call from his secretary saying that his file has been lost it’s where he said he left it (adding to already high stress level). After the file mysteriously popping up at the last minute in order to still make it to court and Andy is

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