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Philadelphia “Philadelphia” filmed by Ron Nyswaner and Jon Demme in 1993, is a risky, controversial movie about HIV/AIDS. It is an immense film essentially changes national consciousness. This powerful, ground-breaking movie that relies mainly on courtroom drama is good for anyone that is unfamiliar with the topic. Nyswaner avoids the clichés of a standard movie-played courtroom. The film switches from the case to the deadly illness. While people today still struggle with acceptance, Philadelphia is an engaging film with a touching message that makes a statement of hope and frustration. It teaches about justice, discrimination, prejudice and tolerance of this deadly sickness. Nyswaner and Demme use well-known stars to familiarize viewers with the disease for a better understanding of the movie. Andy Beckett, an outstanding lawyer for a prestigious law firm in Philadelphia played by Tom Hanks, contracts AIDS in 1984 after sleeping with a man he met that night at a gay porn theater. Beckett did not know right away that he was infected and did not take any precautions in slowing the process of spreading the disease. After being put on an important case, days later, Beckett is pulled out of the case and told he no longer has a future with the firm in which he supposes is due to his sickness after visibly noticeable lesions, associated with AIDS, on his forehead and face are seen by his senior partners. He claims he did not inform his employers of his sickness because of an anti-gay joke previously made. Beckett seeks Joe Miller, a true protagonist played by Denzel Washington, to help represent him in taking a stand and suing his old law firm for wrongful termination. Miller doesn’t like homosexuals but chooses to be his attorney for the money and exposure. Although a judgmental man, Miller sees that discrimination is still discrimination and Beckett is a fellow human

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