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In this essay, I will argue for dualism, against monism, using a logical argument. I believe that Descartes was right in terms of Cartesian dualism, meaning that the mind and body are two separate entities. The mind and the body are two existing things that share the same space, but they each have their own effects on a human being. To be in agreement with monism is to say that the mind and the body are one thing, rather than two separate things. The mind, the soul, the spirit of a person is something that is both separate and independent of the body it coexists with. Just because it is something that is not physically there, does not make it any less real than it really is. Because it is not physical, I can see the difficulty that people have when it comes to believing in it. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to side with monism? Doesn’t science pretty much prove that our emotions and actions are cause by neurons and chemicals, etc? Without being able to see our mind or have any direct, physical contact with it, it could be very hard to believe that it is actually something separate from our bodies. But the fact is, that it is something completely separate. Sure, our bodies have an impact on how we think and react to things on a daily basis, but that is because they coexist together. When it comes down to it, there are many things that we know to be real, even though they are not physical, just like I am arguing about the mind. We all know sound and light to be true… have we ever questioned that? Neither of which are physical things. Have you have held a little bit of light in your hands? How about sound? Have you held your mind in your hands? The answer to all of these is no… so what is the difference in believing in the first two but not the last? Couldn’t light just be something that we created in our own minds? Couldn’t sound be something we created in our

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