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Protocol Paper #4 "The Case against Free Will" Recall: In the “The Case against Free Will” Rachels question; 1) Are we really responsible for what we do.; 2) Does “Free Will or Free Choice,” effect our behavior. Rachels claim “Since we are a part of nature, whatever happens inside us follows the laws of nature.”; 3) The case of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, who murdered a boy named Bobby Franks, is used as an example to support their claim; 4) Clarence Darrow, the defense lawyer for Leopold and Loeb, claimed “human character is shaped by an individual’s genes and environment.”; 5) Determination, The determinist system “To say that a system is deterministic means that everything that happens in it stems from prior causes.”; 6) Rachels “determinism came into its own with the rise of modern society, in which everything that happens is governed by the invariable laws of cause and effect.” Summary: “The Case against Free Will” Rachels state and claim that human beings have very little to no free will at all. Rachels stat that the world is an deterministic one. Deterministic is everything happens because of something that happened previously. Once the event starts, the effects are sure to follow. Rachels also explain how neurological effects are what cause our mental abilities. Rachels claim that the human populations is influenced by their genes as well as their social situations. They go over several experiments and studies that reinforce their claims. Rachels state “The more we learn about the sources of human conduct, the less room there seems to be for free choice.” Quotes: “Free Will or Free Choice” Rachels inform us that our behavior is a trait that is inherited from our family’s genes, as well as where we live at can affect our behavior greatly. We just don’t do anything just to do it, we do things because we are constantly getting rewarded for it, in

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