Phi445 Week 3 Essay

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Annotated Bibliography Tasha Williams PHI 445: Personal & Organizational Ethics Instructor: Ronald Cade June 24, 2014 Annotated Bibliography Army FRG; Family Readiness Group. (2014). Create an FRG. Retrieved on June 16, 2014 from bcbe-cea45e1b2647&mode=user This article explains how to establish a non-profit Family Readiness Group (FRG) Program. It discusses the different positions and descriptions of the FRG. Including this source in the research paper will provide insight on what the FRG program intends to provide to the US Army Soldiers today and how it will contribute to the family members when the active duty Soldier is gone or deployed overseas. Barrett, P. T., Haug, J. C., & Gaskins, J. N. (2013). An Interview on Leadership with Al Carey, CEO, PepsiCo Beverages. Southern Business Review, 37(3), 31-38. Retrieved from Ashford University Library An interview with Al Carey, chief executive officer (CEO) of the company PepsiCo Beverages is presented. This interview will be used to describe the egoism that is instilled in the PEPSICO Company starting from the top of the executive ladder. When asked about the organizational trust, Carey states that the company values their partnership with Kroger Company. Carey believes that learning is a continuous process for every executive at any level. He comments on the effectiveness of coach ability in an organization. This reference will add to the facts about decision-making as a manager. Bazil, M. (2014). Does PepsiCo Have What It Takes To Overcome Obstacles In 2014? Retrieved from overcome-obstacles-in-2014 This article discusses what PEPSICO must do in order to overcome crisis in the near future. It describes the leadership that

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