Phi Delta Kappan Series Essay

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Liberty University Mathematical Reform: Using Phi Delta Kappan Series EDUC 301 There is an issue of reform versus the basis. Reform is the improvement of something wrong or is corrupt. One thing that is corrupt is the American education system dealing in mathematics. The society has many questions on why students have problems in math rather than any other subject they take in school. Some questions that have risen are still needed answering by the many school districts in our nation especially dealing with the curricula of the mathematics courses and text books, and also and the districts investment in the school districts. Does this effect many children in these districts or does that also effect the way our teachers teach the course curricula to the students? Many question have been asked but not have been answered to the best ability by some critics. Some parents wonder how are there child's math teacher are teaching them math. The student come home and ask questions on why don't understand what the homework about and the first thing the child will ask is” Mom or Dad, can you help me with my math homework?” Some dread this question because the some adults are known to not have done very well in math. It didn't come easy to them. In one article in the Phi Delta Kappan Series, and author Michael Battista, wrote the article “ The Mathematical Miseducation of America's Youth Ignoring Research and Scientific Study in Education.” He wondered why critics believed that are children getting effective facts taught to them. How should math be taught to schoolchildren? Math should be taught by the state standards really and the teachers should follow the curricula instead of following the way they learned or how they feel they should be taught. This type of teaching is called traditional teaching. Traditional teaching really effects the students learning

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