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Stereotypes Paper Mary Tate PHI 103 27 Feb 2013 Stereotypes Paper Stereotyping is a set of inaccurate, simplistic generalizations about a group that allows others to categorize them and treat them accordingly. In today’s society there are various types of stereotypes. It’s unfortunate because society has a tendency not to accept us because we are different in some aspect. Stereotypes exists because people has a tendency to form opinion about people without actually knowing them. I believe we should never judge a book by its cover but we have a tendency to do that. In this paper I would talk about three different types of stereotypes that I have encounter in my own personal life. I would talk about overweight people, athletes are dumb and racism toward black men that they don't care for their children. On stereotype I've notice recently is a lot of jokes and negativity at the expense of overweight people. Being that I'm of the ones been stereotype because of my weight .I heard all the name calling behind my back and to my face, which hurts my feelings but I play it off. It seems that all of a sudden everyone not only obsessed with fitness but vary cruel and hurtful to those of us who struggle with weight. Sometimes we are characterized or stereotype as lazy and not caring about ourselves. Which I find to be people opinion because I know some people that's overweight and counting myself were not lazy, very active and care a lot about our appearance. It make sense that they think like that because many people do have to work very hard to stay fit. But everyone has natural tendencies to be fat or thin, some people who are overweight do exercise and eat healthy. In the article "What's Wrong with Fat" Saguy "states that afraid of public ridicule or abuse, some heavy women avoid exercising in public or even leaving their homes depriving themselves

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