Phenomenology of Sound Essay

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Phenomenology of Sound Since the beginning of time, the presence of sound has been essential to humanity’s way of life. today, we have come to understand its presence as the Phenomenology of Sound. A phenomenon is described as the knowledge of something that is remarkable or extraordinary deemed by the senses. Sound itself has as a simple meaning but layers on layers of depth for total understanding. It is the sensation produced by stimulation of internals by hearing/feeling the vibrations transmitted through the air or another medium. Establishing these two nouns in sync, one may begin to comprehend the simple complexity of the Phenomenology of Sound. It is possessing knowledge of the senses specifically according to the extraordinary event of a sound’s vibrations passing through the air and being felt and therefore heard. The concept of Sonic Phenomenology and its many layers will be interpreted throughout this paper alongside hours of listening to the many sounds that Point Pleasant Beach, NJ has to offer. Throughout the hours I spent listening, I focused on the dominant sounds of animals, people, and nature. I found that all sound has relation to time, space, shape, density/weight, direction/distance, and emotions. I chose to sit on the artificially erected sand dunes where the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk once stood prior to Sandy. This created a more focused and neutralized post for listening to the sounds surrounding me. As I sat with my eyes closed and face towards the ocean I began to hear a mix of sounds. Each had an individual pitch, tone, and length. At first it was chaotic, but a few minutes into concentrated listening certain sounds began to become more prominent. The least prominent, yet very audible, sound came from animals. The animals that were dominant appeared to be seagulls, dogs, and other types of birds. Listening to the

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