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HCP 210 UOP Course Homework Aid All Assignments DQs and Checkpoints Entire Course Click here To Download Class Click Link Below To Purchase: Week 1 Discussion Questions • What are some of the pharmacy technician’s roles in today’s pharmacy practice? Why are these roles important? What skills do you think an effective pharmacy technician must have? Explain why you think such skills and knowledge are important. • How would you define pharmacy practice? Do you envision a career in the field of pharmacy practice to be challenging or rewarding? Why or why not? Week 2 1. CheckPoint: Origin of the Modern-Day Pharmacy • Select a culture…show more content…
Mortimer? o How does each theory benefit the pharmacy? o Why do you think openness to a variety of ethical theories is important when working in pharmacy practice? • Format your paper according to APA standards. • Consider the five moral principles as you select your theories. • Post your paper as an attachment. Week 3 1. Discussion Questions • Why is it important to identify and avoid using Do Not Use abbreviations found in pharmacy practice? Provide an example of a Do Not Use abbreviation and describe what the consequences of mistaking the abbreviation would be. How might a pharmacy technician take steps to prevent abbreviation error? Note. The Do Not Use list has only recently been instituted. Dangerous abbreviations may still be used by pharmacy professionals. • How might gaining an expertise of roots, prefixes, and abbreviations used in the pharmacy field assist you in your practice? Is there a situation when it would be inappropriate to use abbreviations? How might patient safety be affected by pharmacy personnel who understand roots, prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations? 2. CheckPoint: Pharmaceutical Terminology • Resource: Pharmaceutical…show more content…
o How do institutional and noninstitutional pharmacy settings differ? o What patient issues might arise when working in an institutional pharmacy setting? o Which issues may be unique to institutional pharmacy settings? • Format your paper according to APA standards. • Cite a minimum of three references, beyond your text. • Post your paper as an attachment. Week 9 1. Capstone Discussion Question • How might pharmacy professionals help ensure patient safety when preparing and dispensing medication? How does the knowledge gained in this course help prepare you for a career in the pharmacy field? 2. Final Project: The Future of Pharmacy • Resources: Appendix A • Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following points: o What three things have you learned about the pharmacy practice that you did not know before taking this course? o How might these three things enhance patient safety? o Based on the evolution of what we now know as modern-day pharmacy practice, where do you see pharmacy practice going in the future? In what timeframe do you see things changing? How might those changes affect

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