Pharmacology Ch 1 Essay

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Chapter 1 Textbook 1 hour Apply your knowledge 1.1 1. The dose effect relationship is the relationship between the dose of a drug that produces therapeutic effects and the potency of the effects on a person. 2. Biotransformation is the sum of chemical and physical changes in the tissues, consisting of anabolism and catabolism. 3. Pharmacodynamics is the biochemical and physiologic effects of drugs and mechanism of drug action. Pharmacokinetics is the study of the absorption, distribution, biotransformation, and excretion of drugs. 4. A drug's half lie is defined as the time taken or the blood or plasma concentration of the drug to decrease from full to one half. The longer the half lie of the drug, the longer the drug remains in the body. 5. Pharmacognosy is the study of drugs derived from herbal and other natural sources. 6. The various factors that affect drug action include age, sex, body weight, diurnal body rhythms, disease, allergies, psychological factors, drug half-life, tolerance, drug toxicity, and drug interactions. 7. an agonist is a drug that binds to a receptor and produces a stimulatory response that is similar to what an endogenous substance would have done if it were bound to the receptor. An example is an adrenaline. An antagonist is a drug that prevents an agonist from binding to a receptor and thus blocks its effects. An example is propranolol. 8. Affinity is defined as a drugs attractive force for a target receptor. A receptor is the cell recipient situated in either in cell membranes on cell surfaces or within the cellular cytoplasm. 9. Toxicity is the state of being noxious and refers to a drug's ability to poison the body. drug tolerance is the development of resistance to the effects of a drug such that the drug's doses must be continually raised to elicit the desired response. Apply your knowledge 1.2 1. The main route

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