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Pharmacology Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Pharmacology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Compliance - Implementation or fulfillment of a prescriber or caregiver's prescribed course of treatment or therapeutic plan by a patient. (Also called adherence) (Pg.8)

Goals - Statements that are time specific and describe generally what is to be accomplished to address a specific nursing diagnosis. (Pg.6)

Medication error - any preventable adverse drug event involving inappropriate medication use by a patient or health care professional; it may or may not cause the patient harm (pg. 14)

Noncompliance - An informed decision on the part of the patient no to adhere to or follow a therapeutic plan or suggestion. Also called nonadherence. (Pg. 9)

Outcome criteria - Descriptions of specific patient behaviors or responses that demonstrate meeting of or achievement of goals related to each nursing diagnosis. These statements, like goals, should be verifiable, framed in behavioral terms, measurable, and time specific. Outcome criteria are considered to be specific, whereas foals are broad (pg. 6)

Prescriber - Any health care professional licensed by the appropriate regulatory board to prescribe medications (pg. 8)

Nursing process - An organizational framework for the practice of nursing. Nursing process, as it relates to drug therapy, involves the way in which a nurse gathers, analyzes, organizes, provides, and acts upon data about the patient. It encompasses all steps taken by the nurse in caring for a patient: (pg. 6/7)
1) Assessment
2) Nursing Diagnoses
3) Planning (with goals and outcome criteria)
4) Implementations (with patient teaching)
5) Evaluation

Step 1) Assessment - First step in the Nursing Process:
Data collection: Objective and Subjective
Objective: info available through the senses, such as what is seen. Felt, heard, and smelled. (Charts, lab test results, reports of diagnostic procedures, health history, physical assessment, and examination findings) Ex. of specific date are age, height, weight, allergies, medication profile,...

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