Pharmaceutical Law Essay

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IPPE-1 Fall Semester law questions Find answers to the law questions below and come prepared to discuss them at each reflections session. For each of the questions below, you need to find the statute/regulation addressed and site where you found the answer. For some questions, it may help to ask your preceptor what he/she would do if placed in those situations. Twelve questions will be discussed at each reflections session. At the reflections session on week 4, you will be tested on 10 questions based on the questions below. 1. How often is a pharmacy inspected by the board of pharmacy? Variable 2. Who can posses a key to the pharmacy? How is the key transferred to a part-time or a per diem pharmacist? The pharmacist is the only one allowed to have a key. If part time in a community pharmacy, then manager of the store keeps it in a safe and give is to the pharmacist on duty that day. If independent pharmacy, family members can be designated to hold the key to open the pharmacy. 3. If a burglary occurs within a pharmacy and controlled substances are stolen, what does the pharmacist need to do (i.e. what procedures must be followed, what documents must be completed and who must be notified)? Notify the DEA right away in writing using the DEA form 106 (needs to be retained for two years in the pharmacy). CA State Board of Pharmacy has to be notified within 30 days. 4. Who is allowed to sign for the delivery of medications? What is the requirement for controlled substances? Pharmacist or technician or pharmacist intern under pharmacist supervision. 5. What requirements are there for the storage of controlled substances in the pharmacy? C2 does not have to be in a locked cabinet but must be in a separate cabinet from the rest of the medications. C3-5 can be in separate cabinet. 6. A pharmacist can be PIC (pharmacist in charge) for a maximum

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