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Pg. 459 #1-12 all 1.Explain why a suspension is considered a heterogeneous mixture. A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture because the particles may remain mixed with the liquid while the liquid is being stirred, but later they settle to the bottom. 2.Classify the following mixtures as homogeneous or heterogeneous: a. lemon juice- can be either, because with pulp it is heterogeneous, and without pulp it is homogeneous. b. tap water-homogeneous c. blood-heterogeneous d. house paint-homogeneous 3.In a solution, which component is considered the solvent? Which is the solute? The primary ingredient in a solution is called the solvent, and the other ingredients are the solutes and are said to be dissolved in the solvent. 4.Name the solvent and solute(s) in the following solutions a. carbonated water b. apple juice c. coffee d. salt water 5.Does a solution have to involve a liquid? Explain your answer. Any mixture that is homogeneous on a microscopic level is a solution. When most people use the word solution, they are usually referring to a homogeneous liquid mixture. A homogeneous liquid mixture has one main component – a liquid – as well as one or more additional ingredient that are usually present in smaller amounts. 6.How is a colloid distinguished from a solution or a suspension? A solution is transparent, in comparison to a colloid or suspension, which appears to be milky colored. 7.What are the basic physical principle that chromatography is based upon? Chromatography separates components of a mixture based on how quickly different molecules dissolved in a mobile phase solvent move along a solid phase. 8.How can distillation be used to prepare pure water from tap water? Sometimes mixtures of liquids need to be purified or have their components separated. If the boiling points of the components are different, distillation can separate
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