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Pfizer, Inc. I. Background of the Case Pfizer is one of the world’s leading drug manufacturer and distributor which came from its humble beginnings in 1849. It focuses its business empire on three segments: human health, consumer healthcare and animal health, but its main core of business is on human health such as providing medicines for various illnesses. Pfizer built its empire in drug manufacturing and invested billions of dollars in research and development on health medicines. Pfizer’s management encountered some problems when some of their popular drugs were subjected to government’s health regulations due to some side-effects. Some of its drugs were also suspended to be sold in the market by the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA). The entry of generic dugs in the market added to the sorrow of Pfizer’s management since generic drugs were less expensive compared to branded medicines such as those manufactured by Pfizer and other leading drug manufacturers. The rapid growth of managed care organizations (MCOs) in the United States also posed another problem for Pfizer since MCOs preferred cheaper drugs for their patients. The threat of imported drugs in the United States also posed another problem for Pfizer. II. Problem Statement ➢ What will be the most achievable strategies that Pfizer’s management should take to maintain its competitiveness in the global market among stiff government regulations? III. Case Objectives a. To be able to determine what will be Pfizer’s management strategy in dealing with government regulations on its drugs. b. To be able to know how Pfizer’s management will continue to be competitive despite of stiff competitions from its major competitors and also from the entry of generic drugs in the market. IV. Area for Consideration a. Rapid growth of managed care organizations (MCOs) –

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