Pex- Acid-Base Balance

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Exercise 10: Acid-Base Balance: Activity 3: Renal Responses to Respiratory Acidosis and Respiratory Alkalosis Lab Report Pre-lab Quiz Results You have not completed the Pre-lab Quiz. 07/18/13 page 1 Experiment Results Predict Question: Predict Question 1: What effect do you think lowering the PCO2 will have on [H+ ] and [HCO3- ] in the urine? Your answer : d. [H+ ] will decrease and [HCO3- ] will increase. Predict Question 2: What effect do you think raising the PCO2 will have on [H+ ] and [HCO3- ] in the urine? Your answer : c. [H+ ] will increase and [HCO3- ] will decrease. Stop & Think Questions: The condition you just simulated is Your answer : a. respiratory acidosis caused by hypoventilation. Correct answer: b. respiratory alkalosis caused by hyperventilation. Can the renal system fully compensate for acidosis or alkalosis? Your answer : c. Yes, both for respiratory alkalosis and respiratory acidosis. Correct answer: d. No, neither for respiratory alkalosis nor respiratory acidosis. Experiment Data: PCO2 40 30 60 Blood pH 7.42 7.60 7.30 [H+] in Urine normal decreased elevated [HCO3-] in Urine normal elevated decreased 07/18/13 page 2 Post-lab Quiz Results You scored 75% by answering 3 out of 4 questions correctly. 1. When adjusting the controls, what happens to the blood pH when you lower the PCO2? You correctly answered: a. The pH increases. 2. In uncompensated respiratory alkalosis, the You correctly answered: b. carbon dioxide levels of the blood are low. 3. What type of breathing results in acidosis? Your answer: b. hypoventilation Correct answer: d. hypoventilation and rebreathing 4. With renal compensation for respiratory acidosis, the pH of the urine You correctly answered: b. decreased because [H+ ] increased. 07/18/13 page 3 Review Sheet Results 1. Describe what happened to the concentration of ions in the urine when the

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