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section a Company Background, Product and Services Offered, Market Coverage. company background Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS). PETRONAS was built in 1972 and is Malaysia's leading international petroleum corporation. The company was sourcing, producing and delivering products to satisfy society's growing energy needs while playing the role of a administrant for Malaysia's national reserves. Because of the demand of energy are growing faster and strengthened the purpose of the company to provide the most essential and reliable sources of energy while the aim of the company to maintain in the coming decades. PETRONAS fully integrated pipeline and value chain ranging from exploration to marketing, logistics to technological infrastructures with operation in over 50 countries around the world. The company has a leading portfolio and wide network of operations around the world. Products and services In PETRONAS, company had offered a few things in products and services that are the primary link between company and the entire chain of customers, i.e., from converters right up to the everyday consumers. PETRONAS Company relies significantly on the capacity to provide customers with stable high quality products. There are also had fulfil an excellent n services through the productions process with innovated process. There are few types of products that PETRONAS had, for example : 1) Acrylic Monomers Acrylic Monomers is the main precursor in production of super-absorbent polymers, which has the capacity to absorb liquid many times according to its weight. This material usually used in diapers and other hygienic products and it’s also can be used as polymer flocculants that separated water from waste. Acrylic esters it is same like glacial acrylic acid that be used in monomeric building blocks in manufacturing polymer dispersions and contains

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