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Project Report on Buyer Behavior Study and Market Development of TotalFinaElf in Mehsana, Patan and Kadi Submitted To: Prof. Kaushal Kishore 7/11/2011 Total Oil India limited Saumil Bhatt Acknowledgements I wish to express my gratitude to those who generously helped me color the mosaic of this report with the tiles of their knowledge expertise and memories. It is with a far deep sense of reverence, I thank my parents, who have been constantly encouraging and continuously supporting my entire academic career. I express my thanks to our SIP coordinator Dr. Akash Patel, Professor, School of Petroleum Management, for providing all the required facilities for completing the project work. I express my sincere indebtedness to Prof. Bhavesh Patel, Director, School of Petroleum Management, for his moral and academically support during the period of course. I have immense pleasure and satisfaction in expressing my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Amit Varma (Sr. Executive, After Market Sales, TOTAL LUBRICANTS INDIA LTD.) who was my project guide, was so generous with his time and expertise. He steered me throughout the project work with suggestions, constant encouragement, and workable solution from his rich and varied experience. I would also like to thank Mr. Manjit Singh (Gujarat State head, After Market Sales, TOTAL LUBRICANTS INDIA LTD.) for his guidance and giving me an opportunity to work with Total. I would like to thank Prof. Kaushal Kishore (Faculty Mentor) for his co-operation, knowledge sharing and motivation. I would also like to thank Mr. Mahesh Patel, Fortune Lubricants, Mehsana, Mr. Bharat Desai, Mr. Rakesh, Mr. Saumil (DSR) of Digvijay Lubricant, Ahmedabad, for their help and guidance for providing understanding of market behavior. I am also thankful to all the employees of TOTAL LUBRICANTS INDIA LIMITED for their affectionate gesture and supportive

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