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Peter The Great & The Streltsy Rebellion Essay

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Peter the Great and the Streltsy Uprising

Peter the Great is likely the most well-known Tsar in all of Russia’s history.   During his reign from 1682 to 1725, he was responsible for leading Russia to become the major European power that it is today.   He carried out many reforms and westernized the country which greatly influenced the millions of people of Russia. Peter the Great was a very interesting person; his intellectual curiosity, along with his bad temper and cruelty lead to a chaotic but successful reign as a Tsar. He was a brilliant ruler that greatly affected Russian society, but many of his cruel decisions left a negative impact on his history. He made sure of maintaining his absolute power by fiercely putting down rebellions and punishing anyone who spoke against him. His cruelty and anger shown by his decisions gave him the power that allowed him to push Russia forward and allowed him to become the very influential leader that he is remembered as.
Peter the Great inherited the position of Tsar in 1682 when he was only ten, but he was not in the ruling position until 1689 when he forced his half-sister Sophia out of position and took control over Russia with his half-brother Ivan. He took absolute control over the country six years later when Ivan died (Peter 3). His numerous reforms and westernization of Russia left it a much stronger power in European society under his rule, until his death in 1725. He expanded the Russian military which helped strengthen their country’s position in Europe, and allowed Russia to conquer several important pieces of land. Peter used reforms to create a stronger, more advanced military than Russia had ever had before. He put this army to use frequently during his reign, only one of the thirty-six years Peter was in power was peaceful (Peter 1). Peter's cruelty influenced many of his decisions concerning the Russian military. He very quickly put an end to any revolts against him, and his punishments were...

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