Peter The Great - Mao Essay

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Goverments that attempted to control thoughts and actions of their people. Throught history there have benn many governments that have attempted to control the thoughts anbd and actions of their people. Peter the great in Russia and Mao Zedong in China are just two leaderds who have treied to incluuence their people and had a major impact on society and the world. Peter the great: Peter the great lived during the period 1672-1725 and was the tsar of Russia from 1682 to 1725. He was a leading figure in bringing drastic changes in Russia from the old medieval life to that of a leading power in Eastern Europe. During his regime, laws were implemneted on how to dress. He wanrted men to wear waistcoasts, breeches, gaiters and boots and women must wear peetocoats, skirts, bonnets and western shoes. To help force the new dress code, Peter instructed guards to foroce vistors at the city gartes to their knees and cut their long tradiional coats The military was also modernized during the rule of the Peter the great. He opened the military up to other classes of people in Russia which made the Army more diversified and had an effect on all classes within Russia.. This had an effect on the noble class which was used to being in the military by themselves. The Nobles needed to learn how to deal with their own serfs and servants in the army and there position of nobility which was dominant in the old army was now changed. Peter the great impact on it's society was to develop a strong domestic policy and an aggressive foreign policy.One long term effect he had on the upper classes of Russian society was to change their tradions. Most changed for traditional russioan ways to dressing, speaking, eating and attidtudes all beacmaew european and was much diffeent them most Russian people at the time. Peter the great was a powerful, broad, and towering leader, he stood at a
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