Peter Swap Case Essay

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Peter Swap I. Issue: Will recognizing compensation expense as part of Mizri Corporation’s stock compensation plan faithfully represent the exchange? II. GAAP List: * 718-10-30-22: An equity instrument for which it is not possible to reasonably estimate fair value at the grant date shall be accounted for based on intrinsic value * 718-20-35-3: A modification of an equity award shall be treated as an exchange of the original award for a new award incurring additional compensation cost for any incremental value III. Alternatives: A. Recognize compensation expense at each year end and disclose swap transactions in the notes to the financial statements: Record the following entry at year end Dr. Compensation Expense XXX Cr. Paid-in Capital-Stock Options XXX This will reduce pre tax income and increase total paid-in capital B. Disclosure in notes to financial statements only IV. Choice: A V. Justification: Equity: Stockholder’s equity represents ownership in a company or a company’s net financial assets (assets less liabilities). Stock options represent the privilege to purchase ownership in the company. Option (B) shows this right to ownership in the notes to the financial statements but does not portray how it truly affects the company’s equity. Option (A) provides a clearer picture on how the stock options affect the company’s equity through the balance sheet. Expense: An expense represents the actual or expected cash outflow that results from an entity’s ongoing major or central operations. Option (A) values the compensation based on the value of the stock options. Therefore, this transaction

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