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Belonging Speech The quote “Different people have different perceptions of belonging” can be understood through the exploration of the connections Peter Skryznecki has between himself, people and places. Good morning/afternoon fellow students, I would like discuss the perceptions of belonging and convey some examples to support the statement “different people have different perceptions of belonging.” The idea of perception can be seen through an individual’s need to gain a sense of identity, within themselves and through their relations with others. Everyone knows that it is important for an individual to gain a sense of acceptance and understanding between not only themselves but also places and other people. This is shown through Peter…show more content…
The poem suggests that the persona didn’t really fit in with his father’s happiness and the powerful phrase “happy as I have never been” suggests this very clearly. Skryznecki realises that he and his father have different perception of belonging. There is a section in stanza 7, line 3 which states that the person forgot his first polish word and would repeat it until he never forgot because he feels so distant from his father’s heritage. The next text I would like to confer with all of you is “Migrant Hostel” which is about groups of migrants who journeyed through the experience of going through the migrant hostel in Parkes, in the centre of New South Wales. As I noticed whilst reading this poem, that there is a sense of imprisonment and insecurity, towards the migrants as they waited desperately to be relocated to an unknown destination, which would probably unwelcoming to

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