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Peter Roshanian It’s difficult for me to write this because I don’t really know what to say. 500 words is just barely enough to start everything I would like to write in an essay. I can start by talking about myself, something I’ve never been to good at. My junior year in high school I went through a transformation that not many people will go through, drastic weight loss. I was 260 lbs at age 16, which qualifies as obese. Over a 4 month period, I went on a heavy diet and I lost 60 lbs. It’s my single greatest achievement in life, and one that I am extremely proud of. It is because of this experience I went through that shapes who I am. When I was overweight, I had to make up for the lack of my appearance through my personality. Over my…show more content…
I learned how funny it is the way friends are made in high school; it’s based entirely on how one looks or who one grew up with. When I started seeing results of my diet, I started gaining more and more friends, mainly more girls. As sad as it is to hear, it’s the truth. Because of who I was, it will always stay a part of me. I will never forget my past because it was such a big part of my life. It gave me the confidence that if I really want to achieve something, I know I can do it. As I lost more and more weight, the new friends got to my head quick. I forgot who my real friends were; I left them in the dust just because I was so excited to meet so many new people. It’s funny what happens when everything changes so fast; one forgets about who really cares about them and who’s been there for them since day one. I made that mistake and was with new people every weekend. While it’s nothing I regret, it’s something I wish I had managed differently, and I felt bad about how I had treated my friends. When I apologized to them they forgave me, but it was never the same when I was with them. Going through this experience taught me to never take anything for granted because when everything is given to somebody at the same time, it’s easy to forget who’s

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