Peter Parker: A Hero Myth Archetype In Spider Man

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Spider Man Spider Man is a traditional hero myth archetype. This movie is about an ordinary man becoming a hero in New York City. It also describes the change in the main character’s personality before and after he becomes a hero. Spider Man, the hero, beats the antagonists and saves the people. Peter Parker is the main character in this movie. He is from an ordinary family, just like a normal person in society. He lives with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May after his parents died. Peter Parker is a high school student in New York City and looks like a normal high school student with glasses, T-shirt, and jeans. He is a nerd, a loner, socially inept, insecure, and a poor kid raised by relatives. Peter is an introvert; he does not know how to…show more content…
The event will change the character where special power, skill, or talent is gained. Sometimes the character will get more mature after the experience, and this is an important element that the hero needs in the story. Peter’s experience is when he gets bitten on the hand by a genetically engineered "super spider". Feeling unwell, he passes out shortly after arriving home. The spider changed Peter’s DNA after the bite. He found out that he has changed a lot the next morning because his glasses do not fit him anymore. His body is much stronger, and he has more strength. He can release spider webs to catch something; his hands allow him to climb the walls easily. “...Something new enters the hero's life. It's a catalyst that sets the story into motion. It might be a telephone call… Whatever form it takes, it's a new ingredient that pushes the hero into an extraordinary adventure. With this call, the stakes are established, and a problem is introduced that demands a solution.”(Linda Seger 357) This particular experience gives Peter Parker special powers to become a super hero. This is a new start of his heroic life. In our normal lives, we always have difficult times that discourage us and make us want to give up, but after we pass the difficult times we can learn something from it. We know how to solve the same problem next time, and prepare for the next

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