Peter Houghton Essay on Bullying

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Essay on bullying Bullying is bullshit. What keeps the bullies motivated to do stuff like this, and why do they even do it? Is it just bad parenting, or is it just something you’re born with? If that could be answered, bullying might be exterminated. “Bullies are just children with parents who treat them bad”, is said a lot when talking about bullying, have I observed. I just think that every kid is getting teased by its parents, and then in the school they will do the same to get friends, but kids haven’t learned to feel for others, or don’t know much about communication or anything else, and then they just thinks that it is okay, and then adults has to stop it when it still is stoppable, for else they will, in some way, feel it as a hobby, and then it just continues. In the story we read, I portray Peter as a scared, young man, who doesn’t know when and how he has to say no. Cause if Peter had said no in the beginning of his life, it might not, would have ended up in the jury. I think he has always been doing things right, and haven’t had many friends in society as well in school. I can see his life-story for me, when I read this, and think of all the films I’ve been watching with bullying. Because we are reading the defense-speech from Peter’s lawyer, and we don’t get the cruel description from the ten offers parents, we get a sad story of Peter’s life, and get to know how awful the bullies have been to Peter, then we don’t feel sad about their death, and don’t feel Peter as a mass-murder. Jordan, is using the notion “self-defense” like when you say:” an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” because he gives Peter “license” to kill, when he have been bullied in 12 years of his youth. But, still though, he does not have the license to kill, as he wants the jury to see it, he only has his rights to defend himself when the bully-attacks happens, if they are

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