Peter Green's First Day

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Analysis of “Peter Green’s First Day” “Peter Green’s First Day” is a case that revolves around a problem that Peter faces on his job’s very first day. As stated in the case, Peter is a college graduate who has also completed five-month Scott’s Sales Management Program after which he was employed in Scott’s Carpet Company under District Manager, John Murphy. Murphy who is very experienced in carpet textile business was promoted eight years ago from the same position which is now allotted to Peter. Peter is supposed to handle his first sale with a very important client and the largest carpet retailer, Peabody Rug. Peter is aware of the fact that his first sale could be huge if Bob Franklin, the owner of Peabody Rug agrees for the order with Scott’s Carpet. In the meeting with Peabody, Peter is pleased by the fact that Bob is ready to place a large order. Bob on the other hand specified that he would require some “help on the freight costs”. Peter was unaware of freight cost but Murphy assured Bob that Peter would work something out. On asking about freight cost to Murphy, Peter came to know that after the order would be delivered, Peabody will claim that some carpet was damaged in shipment to the store and Peter would be expected to forge a damaged freight report for defective merchandise compensation board of Scott’s Carpet and to rectify this Peabody would be offered a discount equal to the cost of shipping the rolls of carpet back to the warehouse for replacement. Peter was notified that this is a standard practice that is followed by most of the suppliers. Peter was basically being asked to lie in very simple words but Peter since his childhood was taught not to lie or steal. Peter reviewed the conversation and realized that he had two options either to quit or to simply ignore the conversation with Murphy as there was no official documentation that Murphy had
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