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Peter and Elsie Peter and Elise is a short story written by Andy Murray in 2006. The story involves the couple, Jamie and Louise. Jamie is a younger man who goes to university, which probably gives him the age of about 20. He is a boy who enjoys music and a good book. There is nothing that makes him happier. I think Jamie could have a low self-esteem. Jamie is the boyfriend of Louise; they’ve been together since the beginning of university. Louise is a smiley and petite girl, she wears 70s clothing and has a jet-black pageboy bob. Their relationship is very intense, and you definitely feel their love for each other in the text. Louise and Jamie can tell each other everything. Louise is Jamie’s first serious girlfriend. They eventually move in together. Louise and Jamie went to a funfair one time. Jamie had never been at such a place before. At the funfair they don’t try the rides, because Jamie is not too happy about them, instead they spend a lot of money trying different place where you can win things. At one point Louise wins a prize, a dinky and cuddly rabbit, which she names Elsie. Elsie instantly starts sleeping in their bed. “…the rabbit began sleeping in their bed, tucked between the pillows…” After Louise and Peter been together for just over a year, they start feeling happier about being apart, which tells us that their relationship could start to crumble, (…”but now they secretly feelingly guilty at the pleasure they took in being apart.” This is when they start a cuddly toy obsession. They would go to the fair very often to win toys. Jamie enjoys playing at the machines in which you don’t have to have any specific skills; it’s just all about luck. Jamie doesn’t believe he has any skills, which shows us that he could have a low self-esteem. (…It wasn’t entirely a game of skill, of which he was convin One time while Jamie is gambling at one of these

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