Pete's Peanut Snacks

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Pete's Peanut Snacks What interactions need to take place among the marketing, manufacturing, logistics, and finance departments? Explain the logistics department's role in the introduction of the new product. A good interaction between logistics and new product development is done to achieve company market success in area of snacks. Communication among different departments is essential. These are considered to be the major functional department of any company- manufacturing, marketing, finance and logistics. Production manager should receive information from the logistics team and order processor. Flow of information should be integrated to have a note on fluctuating demand and ultimately help to reduce the waste. Functional capabilities are of requirement, which is interdependent in creating value for customers. For example, logistics should work closely along with production and marketing team to plan, integrate and coordinate their activities. The advanced form of expressing this is that logistics should serve both the external customers and internal customers of the firm (Langley, C.J. Jr and Holcomb, M.C., 1992) Logistics also do the interface with manufacturing, marketing, Research & Development and distribution teams. (Morash, Droge, and Vickery 1996). Logistics is considered to perform a very substantial role in many situations, such as product availability, customer service, low cost distribution time advantages mentioned by Stalk, Evans, and Shulman 1992, and manufacturing in global arena. (Fawcett and Ctoss 1993). Why is it necessary for the logistics department to be cognizant of all the details (quantity, timing) of the new product introduction? Logistics role in the development of New Product (NPD) Logistics is a very important function which is increasingly observed as advantageously vital to the companies. Outbound, Inbound and
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