Pete Rose Hall of Fame Essay

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Pete Deserves the Hall of Fame Baseball is America’s greatest pastime and one of its best players and all-time hits leader with 4,256 was Pete Rose (Standen 134). Children of all ages who followed the game wanted to be just like Pete Rose, they slid head first into bases and ran like there was no tomorrow. However, Pete is not in baseball’s Hall of Fame because he was placed on Major League Baseball’s (MLB) permanently ineligible list and the Hall of Fame doesn’t allow players’ names to be added to the Hall of Fame ballot if they are on that list. Pete’s career statistics as a player make him a shoe in for the Hall of Fame and it’s a shame that there isn’t a plaque with his name on it in there. Taking all of his on the field heroics and statistics he accumulated over a 23 year playing career Pete Rose should have his named removed from MLB’s permanently ineligible list and have it listed on the next ballot for the Hall of Fame. Today baseball is going through a rough period of time with all the Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) use. As some of these players that are using PED’s are getting game suspensions and return to the game after serving said suspension are eligible for the Hall of Fame. To quote Joe Morgan, vice chairman of the Hall of Fame, “I think if you’re going to allow guys with PEDs on the ballot, then we have to allow him (Pete Rose) to be on the ballot” (Nightengale 01c). Pete Rose admitted that he gambled on baseball but only on his team to win and only as a Manager (Rose, Donovan 139). With his admission of these acts and his willingness to work with MLB on these issues his ban from baseball should be lifted. Pete says that when his father passed away “it left a big hole in my life. It left me lost in life” (Rose, Donovan 138). Some people believe that this might have led to his addiction with gambling. Most people today believe that

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