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Pet Peeve Speech Essay

  • Submitted by: brentthagawd
  • on September 30, 2015
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Brent Virtusio
Sarah Crachiolo
Communications 130
8 August 2013
Pet Peeve Speech Reflection
To prepare for this pet peeve speech I spent the first day, after class, looking for things that bothered me. I didn’t really run into much that annoyed me to the point where I wanted to write a speech about it so when I got home I did a little research on Google. I found three different ones about driving I thought that I could really give a good speech about and starting just jotting down some bullet points about what bothered me most about them. The next day as I was commuting to school I found out that one of the things from my list bothered me a lot more than I thought and I changed my speech to strictly people who use turning signals incorrectly. After that I wrote some key points on a index cards and a few lines I thought I could use that may be funny. As I drove back home I put all of it together and kept trying out new speeches till I liked one. When I got home I kept reciting the speech out loud to myself until I had most of it down.
During my speech I think I did well on a few things. I projected my voice loud and clear and added emphasis to certain sentences to add humor. I also acted out driving and giving the “death stare” which made the class laugh. Another thing I thought went well was the way I organized my speech to have an actual introduction and body rather than most people just saying “these are my 3 pet peeves….”   I didnt move around or fidgit with anything, or at least I don’t think I did either. That’s what I felt I did a good job on the speech.
To improve for the next speech I noticed a few things I need to work on after I gave my speech and really thought about how others are doing their speeches. A lot of students had very good eye contact with the class, and although I never used my index card or looked at it, I was a little intimidated with everyone looking at me so I noticed I just stared at everyone’s shoes instead of their faces....

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