Pestle, Swot Essay

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Pestle Pestle analyzes is a tool that help people to analyze the external factors that might have an impact on a certain organization. The initials are stand for P (Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Legal). The name might change depends on the changing variables or added variables. For example it can be Steeple with an extra ‘E’ which refer to Education or a STEEPLED with an extra ‘E’ for education and ‘D’ for demographics. There are several other names exists depended on the elements that the analysis covers. By analyzing the factors that effect the organization you will also able to see which one of them are the most important factors that has an impact on the organization. At the end you will have a better idea about the company, organization or a firm. Political To learn in which degree that government intervenes in to organization and the economy. Governments can have huge impacts on company’s policies. Firms should adjust their policies according to government’s legislations. Economical Economy is the one of the important factors that affects firms’ effectiveness. Any change in economy will have huge impact on organization’s profit. Social Culture, beliefs, attitudes, education level will show difference in every country and that will effect the business because with the changes in the population understanding of the market will change. Technology Current changes in technology will effect the business or lack of technology will also effect the company’ and firms. Environment Natural resources, national disasters, pollutions they all have an impact on the business because they will affect the investors in a different way or the functioning of the business plan. That is why we have to analyze the environmental concerns. Legal Laws need to be analyzed. Different country’s has different laws. Both parts must be aware

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