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1.0 Terms of Reference In this report I am going to carry out a PEST analysis on a UK based business. The business I have to carry out the analysis on is Marks and Spencer. This report is due 10th March 2008. I will submit both a paper and electronic copy of my work. I have also included recommendations at the back of the assignment that I think Marks and Spencer could incorporate in to there business. I have used different procedures to carry out this PEST report on Marks and Spencer. Firstly I have used my own inside knowledge. As an employee of Marks and Spencer I have carried out extensive training about the organisation and the way it works. So some of the knowledge I gained from doing this I have included in the report. I have also gained some of my research from the Marks and Spencer website. ( from this site there is internal links to different parts of the website that contains useful information. These are listed in the bibliography at the back of the report. In a way you could also say I have visited the organisation by working there. I have also received information from the managers of Marks and Spencer. To help make some problems clear, I rung my boss and asked her to explain what these problems actually meant. (Books) 2.0 Findings Within 3.0 there is four different parts, listed 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4. They are shown below. 3.1 Nature of the organisation As already mentioned above my chosen business I have used to base the PEST report on is Marks and Spencer. Marks & Spencer is the United Kingdom’s premier clothing, food, and financial services retailer. The company’s commitment to value, service and quality was set up in 1884 by Michael Marks, he opened a small market stall in Leeds. Then in 1894 he formed a partnership with Tom Spencer. They opened a head office in Manchester and

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