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2013 Pest Ecology and Management BIOL3405 The contents of this document will enlighten readers on the ecology of pests and various control and management methods for pests. This will include various calibration of equipment used in pest management and also determination of effective pesticides on pests. Shane Matthews Contents  Pest Ecology (lab 1 & 2)  Bioassay (lab3)  Calibration (lab4)  Farm visit (spring plains farm visit)  Pest Survey (agricultural and rural areas) 36 2 21 27 32 1 Pest Ecology Abstract: This experiment was conducted in the UWI Mona botany gardens, various agricultural crops were assessed to find out the diversity of organisms that are found in each individual crop area, which were peppers, callaloo and pumpkin. The principle purpose of the experiment was to indicate the abundance of the organisms in the area and also state whether the crops had a controlled environment or if it needed any pest management techniques to be implemented. Introduction: In the process of developing a good pest management strategy it is imperative that the person developing the strategy first understands the ecology of the pests. After understanding the basic ecology of the pest this includes how the pest feeds, life cycle, any natural enemies for the pest etc, the overall abundance of the pest will also be needed to be considered. It will then be possible to acquire a sufficient management strategy based on the type of pest; this will enable us to bypass the risk of causing harm to the environment or the crops that are being grown. Objectives: To assess the diversity and relative abundance of arthropods associated with three agricultural agro-ecosystems, which are:  Pepper  Callaloo  Pumpkin (grown within a shade house) Method: This experiment was carried out within a two week period with observations made once a week. The agricultural

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