Pest Analysis of Speed99

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PESTEL analysis for 99 Speedmart Sdn Bhd 99 Speedmart Sdn Bhd is one mini- market that was providing customer daily needs. 99 Speedmart was open since 1997 they was have more than 300 stores around Malaysia until now. With using take line near and save the mini market 99 Speedmart is more be chosen by customer. The PEST as a tool for strategic business plan because of PESTEL is a strategic framework for understanding external influence on a business. Beside that the PEST also easy to 99 Speedmart to make analysis for the business future such as in business and strategic planning, marketing planning, organizational change, business and product development. By analysis all that 99 Speedmart can maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats to the organization. Political The political is one factor that will affect the business. This is because the political is one component that dictates on success of the business. In term of politic that will affecting the 99 Speedmart is government policy. This is because the government policy gives opportunities for growth and profit an attractive manufacturing and export base in the region. Government commits to maintain the business environment that providing companies with the opportunities for growth and profit. However the changes in government policies may either affect positively or negatively. In negatively of the government policy is they can block business operations such as finance, marketing, or property and automatically it become risk for 99 Speedmart businesses. The prevailing political environment in any country directly affects the economic environment or performance. Political changes affect greatly small business owners and it quite important for them to know whether the changes in the politics and government policies are supportive or unfavorable to their businesses. Base on the analysis it
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